“Between the concept and the reality is where the shadow falls”

T S Eliot

Internal Action Learning Sets

Internal action learning sets, where participants are drawn from the same organisation, are:

  • Particularly helpful for bringing together groups who do not regularly meet within the organisation - to share and value diverse understanding across divisions/silos.
  • Outcome focused
  • Developmental in process, leading to a broad understanding of complex issues and of the impact personal styles and behaviours can exert.
  • At some risk of internal politics being left undiscussed or hidden.

Careful facilitation is necessary to keep a balance between 'getting the task completed' and 'developing the behavioural skills' - especially where the Action Learning process is linking a series of Leadership Development or Culture Change Events. In this latter role, the process is invaluable, since the facilitators can continue to embed the learning, while demonstrating how it affects the real world of the chosen projects.



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