“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein



Coaching makes a real difference. It is a powerful way to help individuals, teams and groups and through them their organisations. John Cleese in the Video Arts title “Coaching” said: “it is simply the best way of helping people learn and develop”.

We focus our attention on Performance and Development issues which are defined by:

  • the client's performance or development requirements
  • the coaching objectives and outcomes that lead from these requirements
  • the coaching strategy and tactics to meet these outcomes

We believe that coaching is about

  • challenging and supporting
  • becoming more aware of self and the impact of self
  • exploring new ideas
  • learning to see things differently
  • learning to learn - becoming independent
  • agreeing to do or be something different.

Coaching can be used in a number of settings. We are focusing our energy into three main areas:

  1. One2one leadership and development coaching
  2. Manager and team coaching - Working with a manager and their team - as individuals - to deliver personal and team improvements
  3. The First 100 days in a new role coaching

All our coaches are experienced and we recognise the importance of personal chemistry in the coaching relationship. So we encourage you to look at all the information on the TP team to see who you think will suit you best.

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