“The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time”

Samuel Smiles



One2one leadership and development coaching

We have a passion for helping people develop their capabilities - especially their Leadership. Experience shows that both continuous improvement and transformation are dependent on good leadership. Good leadership is unmistakable - it enables people to do extraordinary things. Good leadership is always rallying people to a better future.

Our coaching model

By using our coaching model we are able to help our clients address issues at three levels:

  1. Applications level - working on “What” needs to be different
  2. Strategic level - working with the “How” to do things differently
  3. Fundamental level - working on the “self” part of the situation. Developing my whole capability.

Clients have commented that leadership and development coaching has helped them

  • stand back and lead more, and over-manage less
  • untangle the complexity that surrounds them daily
  • look further forwards, taking a wider, more future oriented view and increased my confidence
  • reflect and explore new and different ways of doing things

We coach people in a variety of roles:

  • leaders who want to improve their leadership
  • managers newly appointed to their position
  • individuals wanted to increase their confidence in their role
  • people changing roles and who want to clarify their new situation
  • managers becoming directors and value help in taking on this different role
  • people leading change or change agents

For more information:

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