“Management by numerical goals is an attempt to manage without knowledge of what to do and in fact is usually management by fear”




Do you ‘trust’ your culture to deliver success?

Would a Coaching Culture help?

Why a Coaching Culture?

Do you believe your organisation would be strengthened if people were …?

  • taking responsibility
  • challenging
  • action focused
  • stretching themselves
  • committed
  • keen to learn
  • creative
  • enthusiastic
  • trusting
  • This is what happens when managers spend a significant amount of their time and energy in coaching. This is why we believe it is the strongest foundation for building a culture for sustained success.
    There is increasing evidence that coaching delivers results as many organisations are developing leadership and management styles more akin to coaching than command and control.

    Coaching can release a huge amount of energy, which becomes focused on the business – on creating and delivering value to customers. And, a key point is that a coaching culture both creates and depends on a climate of trust.

    Steven M R Covey makes the case for trust:

    - when trust is low, speed goes down and costs go up:

    - when trust is high, speed goes up and costs go down.

    This is how Toyota , for example, can produce variety and consistent quality at lower cost: the implicit trust in ‘the system’ and in each other results in much lower internal transaction costs.

    So, you get responsibility, focus, innovation, commitment, energy - and you also get trust, resulting in lower costs! This is the ultimate payoff of a true coaching culture.

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