“The success of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervener. That’s far more important than techniques or strategies for change.”

Jaworski, J et al (2005) quoting Bill O’Brian - Presence: Exploring profound change in people, organisations and society. Nicholas Brearley.


Conditions for success in creating a coaching culture

These are some of the key conditions that need to apply for a coaching culture to be developed:

  • A commitment to develop coaching skills in managers – including the top managers.
  • The courage and willingness to talk about values and behaviour.
  • A real desire for people to be more ‘engaged’ with the business.
  • Recognition that trust is a consequence of character, competence and behaviour, and it cannot be created by management edict.
  • Enabling engagement, involvement and co-operation - the building blocks for trust.
  • Role modelling is key to coaching becoming a cultural norm.
  • Finally, let’s acknowledge that you cannot fake it – trust is trust!


So - What questions does this raise for you?

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If you want to think more about how ready your organisation is for developing a coaching culture this checklist will help (also available in MS Word format so that you can complete it electronically).

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