“I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone”

Bill Cosby


Manager and their team coaching

This is a particular niche that Transition Partnerships is developing. We have experience and skill in helping to deliver organisational change by coaching all the individuals in a team and by coaching them as a group.

This approach is powerful and effective for two particular reasons:

  • The context is the shared objectives of the group as the group sees it, and not therefore limited by individual perspectives:
  • Because it is working within the real dynamics of the group and can therefore help individuals to tap into the strengths of the group and to work through the tensions and vulnerabilities that are always present.

It enables the coach to understand the broader context than just coaching one2one. By understanding the needs and concerns of all the individuals in a team it is often easier to help people to contribute to development and change objectives.

The approach works best when the team members are open and willing to share information about themselves. Using a personality inventory, such as Myers Briggs Type Inventory can be a valuable tool to help the team members to understand each other and to become more effective together.

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