“The proper objective of a social system is not growth, but the development of all its stakeholders. Growth at best is a means not an end. (Preoccupation with it is pathological). Development means an increase in one’s desire and ability to fulfil one’s needs and desires and those of others.”

Russel Ackoff



Our Programmes

Transition Partnerships design and lead development programmes for a range of clients, across a number of sectors and as part of Masters programmes at Universities.

All our programmes are bespoke and draw on a number of common elements:

  • Our work is person centred - ie, we believe each person has sufficient resources
  • We link the learning to the purpose of the client organisation and its development needs
  • High levels of participation
  • A focus on how the learning can be used in the work
  • Taking personal responsibility for learning
  • Sharing the 'leadership' of programmes with participants

We use a wide variety of tools, techniques and exercises to encourage learning that is stimulating, fun and useful.

Our current programmes include:

Members of the TP team also deliver programmes that are part of Masters or Certificate courses at Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick University. These include:

  • Improving Personal Performance
  • Leading Change and Improving Personal Performance
  • Leadership
  • Business Winning
  • Managing People and Change



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