“Where you stumble there your treasure lies”

Joseph Campbell


“The job of the leader is to speak to the possibility.”

Benjamin Zander


Directors' Forum

  • Do very senior people make the commitment to improve?
  • Do they reflect and learn from the outcomes of their actions?
  • How often do they make time to learn from the actions and reflections of others?
  • Is their style to coach people to reflect on the impact of what they do?

The Directors Forum is a modified Action Learning process - using the wisdom and strategic knowledge of a group of senior directors/general managers to coach and encourage their peers in the group to accelerate change in their areas of responsibility. The process is facilitated by two senior coaches who bring diverse backgrounds in senior management and development to the conversations.

The challenge is to encourage the participants to recognise their own responsibility for the process quickly - and for them to see that the safety and confidentiality of the group allows them to question their own assumptions without fear of being accused of being weak or changeable - so that learning takes place.

Individual coaching of Directors has come of age - this process goes a further step, allowing the participants to observe other senior people being challenged in a safe environment - and seeing themselves as a resource to coach in complex situations. The network so formed can be lasting and the opportunities for sustaining confidence in changed performance and in the development process are significant.

The process is particularly helpful where individuals are seeking to move into uncharted waters - and where a balance of pragmatic help (“I remember when something like that happened to me”) can be balanced with intuitive understanding of the top level issues involved.

The 2004 Programme was introduced by this flyer.

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