“Management is about now, leadership about the future; one implements goals, the other sets them; one relies on control, the other inspires trust; one deals in rational processes, the other in emotional horizons”

Amin Rajan


Leadership Foundation Programme

Transition Partnerships work with this major motor vehicle manufacturer to design and deliver the Leadership Foundation Programme to meet the organisations competency framework for developing leadership.

The Leadership Foundation Programme is a development programme for leaders with high potential capable of taking up senior leadership positions within the organisation. The programme consists of 6 distinct elements which cover self awareness, effective communication, dealing with people, inspirational leadership and enhancing team effectiveness.

A central element of this programme is a series of small assignments, carried out between two formal training sessions, where the participants define a workplace problem, develop a solution, the methods / techniques to be used and then execute it.

The aim of these assignments is to assist the participants integrate their learning from the formal element of the training into the work place.

The programme starts with an evaluation of their behaviours and an analysis of their strengths and limitations against prescribed criteria. Each participant prepares their own development action plan to help define their learning needs within the context of their particular business area. Progress is reviewed at each formal session of the programme and by their line manager, and also by a member of the group who acts as their coach.

One of the key benefits of this programme is the way it increases the cohesiveness and networking opportunities amongst the group taking part. A company executive participates in a session to expand participants understanding of leadership and the business position. Participants choose a ‘buddy group’ to work together with on the assignments.

Leadership Foundation Programme is spread over 6 – 8 weeks partly to enable participants to digest what they learn during the formal sessions which are delivered over two residential days followed by a further day.

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