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Become an NLP Practitioner

Following an “Introduction to NLP” course of three days run by Ray Charlton, members of the Coaching Forum and others interested who have completed this or a similar introduction are invited to join further training leading to NLP Practitioner Certification. This programme is tailored to the use of NLP in coaching.

Contact Ray Charlton or Ian Saunders..

Collaboration Rules

In the July-Aug Harvard Business Review is an article that should be compulsory reading in boardrooms throughout the land! Collaboration Rules discusses the similarities between Linux, the open-source software company and Toyota .

Very different though their products are, their organising principles are remarkably similar. There is much insight to be gained - and one is that, the focus is on the work - of working towards their purpose - creating something of value for customers, and how the organising principles evolved to support that purpose. In most companies the focus is much more diffused.

One of the consequences is that 'transaction costs' are massively reduced - 'transaction costs' are those arising from negotiating and enforcing contracts as distinct from fulfilling them. A US survey estimated that transaction costs alone accounted for over half of GDP!

Making Change Happen

A recent CIPD report, Making Change Happen, suggested that 40% of reorganisations failed to meet their objectives. It contains interesting insights about the use of consultants. It confirms our belief that change can only happen from within - which is why all our work is aimed at just that.

Delivering transformation in Abu Dhabi

Transition Partnerships - in their capacity as Associate Fellows of Said Business School - are helping to deliver a country transformation in Abu Dhabi, on a Said Programme of Coaching for 170 senior civil servants, who have the responsibility to deliver the Policy Agenda of the Country.

For more information see :

Said Business School -

Scios Business Consulting - John Denton -

Executive Reach -
Jean Dowson

Coaching – how to make it work for you

Coaching is more than a fad. It is now a part of the personal development mainstream. TP’s occasional paper outlines how to make coaching really effective. It also offers some tips to help get the greatest benefit from coaching.

Creating a "Coaching Culture"

Our article is about to be published in the Newsletter of the Thames Valley region of the CIPD. This article highlights some key points about long term and sustainable organisational success. It suggests that this is usually built on a number of characteristics with trust at its core. It indicates some conditions that are needed to have success in creating a coaching culture. It includes a questionnaire that you can use to identify your current position and what you might need to address if you want to create a coaching culture.

The article – “Do you trust your culture to deliver success – would a coaching culture help?” is included here on our website. You can also download the questionnaire in MS Word format.












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