“I am so excited about this programme that I would pay for it myself”

Operations Director

Personal Development Scheme

In response to the challenge of having insufficient human talent to meet the future business requirements, TP worked with the Operations Director of a major defence organisation to design and deliver a Personal Development Scheme. The objective is to develop a core of managers with a different mindset and tools for improving business performance.

There are 12 participants on each programme. They complete 12 days of off job training in a 12 week period. In addition there is an outdoor development weekend. The programme is designed on the following model.

Personal Development model

The group also takes responsibility for a project that involves improving an aspect of a local community. The purpose is to transfer their learning from the programme into actions using their creativity, interpersonal and leadership skills, team work and personal commitment. Completion of the project is within the 12 week development period.

The group is responsible for key elements of the development process which ensures they achieve their personal learning and project objectives.

Another benefit of this programme is the way it increases the cohesiveness, networking and learning support mechanisms amongst the group taking part, that stays long after the project has been completed.



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