Ray Charlton

Ray Charlton

Ray is an explorer who loves to evoke the natural curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm which he expects to find in others. He seeks clarity in an uncertain world through being attentive, listening actively and checking for understanding. He is noted for finding possibilities, generating unlikely and useful connections, and sparking action through positive thinking and speaking.

He inspires others to engage their ingenuity, optimise differences and produce constructive outcomes.

Ray contributes to improved communication, leadership development, personal, team and organisational performance improvement, consulting and facilitation skills training, creativity and innovation.

Career highlights

Ray invested ten years of cutting edge full-time work in community organisation and development in local, nation-wide change consulting, and regional project director roles. Following an MSc in Organisation Development he moved into manufacturing industry, with OD, senior executive development, personnel and learning design responsibilities. He was Manager, Organisation Development and Executive Training for Rover Group, contributing to company-wide culture change, total quality, breakthrough thinking, new product launch, commercial confidentiality and strategic education and training. He completed an MBA at Warwick Business School. In 1990 he set up his own business: Creativity and Commitment at Work. He is a founder member of Transition Partnerships. Since 1988 he has been a Visiting Tutor and Module Leader at Warwick Manufacturing Group.


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