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“We must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time.”

T S Eliot

Books and Articles

The Books, Articles and Websites are in no particular order - we have valued and enjoyed what they have contributed to our business.

You may also like to have a look at our Recommended Reads, for reviews of some our favourite items.


Title Author(s) Our Comment


Ellinor and Gerard 1998

Dedicated to David Bohm

Dialogue - and the art of thinking together

William Issacs 1999

The seminal book on Dialogue

Solving Tough Problems

Adam Kahane

How conversations changed the world

Out of the Crisis

W Edwards Deming

Toyota listened - and look what happened!

The Inner Game of Work
(Recommended Read)

Tim Gallwey

The 'inner game' techniques related to the world of work


Joseph Jaworski

A life's journey linking our stuff

The Living Company

Arie de Geus

Profound insights about organizations and their longevity

The Paradox of Control in organisations

Philip Streatfield

Challenges our thinking about 'control'

The Praxis Equation

Mike McMaster

If you want a change process - look at this

Freedom from Command & Control

John Seddon

Gets down to how we need to move beyond C&C

Now, Discover your strengths

Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton

Development by focusing on strengths

The one thing you need to know

Marcus Buckingham

Some great thoughts - simply presented

Birth of the Chaordic Age

Dee Hock

CEO of Visa on evolving organisations of the future

Fierce Conversations

Susan Scott

Having those conversations which we all delay…

Profit Beyond Measure

H Thomas Johnson

How 'management by means' beat 'management by results'

Understanding your organization as a system

John Seddon - Vanguard Consulting

A challenging yet profoundly practical model

The Toyota Way

Jeffrey K Liker

What business can learn from Toyota

On organizational Learning

Chris Argyris

Recognising patterns in 'organizational' behaviour

Rethinking the Fifth Discipline

Robert Louis Flood

Beyond systems thinking

Servant Leadership

Robert Greenleaf

Where we might all seek to be?

Man's Search for meaning

Victor E Frankl

9 million copies sold!

The Reflecting Glass

Lucy West and Mike Milan

Professional Coaching for Leadership Development

Coaching - Evoking Excellence in Others

James Flaherty

Coaching theory and practice

Learned Optimism

Martin Seligman

How to develop positive thought patterns

The Appreciative Self

Gervaise Bushe

How to build on organizational strengths

Terms of Engagement

Dick Axelrod

Practical advice on how to achieve engagement

The Addison Wesley OD Series

Many well known authors including Bennis, Beckhard, Schein & Burke

A very practical series of books that defined OD. Now over 30 titles

Leading Change

John Kotter

Still one of the 'classic' books on change


Eli Goldratt & Geoff Cox

Almost a 'novel' about transforming an organisation

The Challenge of Change in Organisations

Nancy Barger and Linda Kirby

Uses stories from the Wagon Trains across the USA and MBTI to describe change

Action Learning

Krystyna Weinstein

A very comprehensive guide


Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Betty Sue Flowers

Addresses “Exploring profound change in people, organisations and society”
and talks about a “second level of learning” where “inner knowledge is allowed to emerge ... with a natural flow”



Title Author(s) Our Comment

Level 5 Leadership - the triumph of humility and fierce resolve

Jim Collins HBR Jan 2001

Notice Humility!

Radical change - the quiet way

Debra E Meyerson

Beware change - tempered radicals at work!

Goodbye Command and Control

Margaret Wheatley

Insights of great value

What's a business for

Charles Handy - HBR

You think you know? Read this!

Empowerment: the emperor's new clothes

Chris Argyris - HBR

Done empowerment?

Beyond Selfishness

Mintzberg, Simons, Basu

Show how business is about more than self-interest.



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