“All great things are done for their own sake.”

Robert Frost


The Coaching Forum

The Coaching Forum - hosted by Transition Partnerships at Egrove Park, Oxford - was created in 2004 to provide an opportunity for coaches to learn together. At the first meeting the following purpose was agreed:

  • “Personal Learning for me to be the best/most effective me that I can be”

which we subsequently extended to:

  • “Personal learning for us - a professional home that I am drawn to”

with the following intentions:

  • Positive energy and FUN
  • Synergistic
  • Learn and explore
  • Share
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Support and friendship
  • Challenge
  • Give and take
  • Access to experience
  • Safe and secure

If you would like to know more about the Coaching Forum or how to join it, contact Ian Saunders.




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