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“Management expertise has become the creation and control of constants, uniformity and efficiency, while the need has become the understanding and coordination of variability, complexity and effectiveness.”

Dee Hock


TP's Occasional Papers

We write Occasional Papers once or twice a year about subjects that are of interest to us and our clients. We write them in a way that links theory and practice and allows you to take your own learning from the ideas.

We have written nine occasional papers so far and plan to add more in the future:

1. Getting the best from IT related change - an outline of research into the success and pitfalls

2. Becoming a World class organisation

3. Communication - you can't change without it!

4. Wagon Train across the USA - a metaphor for change

5. Performance Driver Framework

6. Does change need to be a lottery?

7. Leadership matters!

8. Manage or measure!

9. Coaching - how to make it work for you

10. Leading Change

11. Managing upwards - an essential skill for everyone

12. Being ourselves - the value of being authentic

13. Servant Leadership - asking questions and delivering good outcomes




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