“Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two”

Octavio Paz


TP's Tools

It is fundamental to the way that Transition Partnerships works that we concentrate on passing on our experience, knowledge and skills. So we felt that this should be reflected by a willingness to write up and share the tools and techniques that we use.

Over the years we have developed a range of tools to help both our own thinking and that of our clients. Some of those tools are very simple, some are quite profound and all of them have been used successfully to help individuals and organisations to learn, change and develop.

The tools can be used:

  • when you are preparing for change
  • when you are coaching for development
  • when you are looking for a different approach to a situation
  • when you would like something to help you to understand a situation
  • when you are preparing for or planning something and you want to do it a little differently from usual
  • when you want to be more effective in a wide range of situations

The tools are laid out in two sections:

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Purchase a copy

Email us at to purchase a copy of TP's Tools - £30 + vat hardcopy or £100 + vat on CD.

We will always have a selection of tools available via the website as a free download in .pdf format. The following are currently available as .pdf files:

Willingness to change myself

Active listening

Conscious and unconscious competence

Personal style and effectiveness - the GRID

Systems Thinking

The A Team

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